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The following is a list of what we believe are the top 10 reasons to consider Rapid Systems for you Dealer Management System needs:

  1. We offer a full suite of products to support your dealership including Accounting, Parts Inventory, Service Writing, F&I, and Customer Relationship Management.
  2. The product suite is completely integrated, there is no need to spend time re-keying information.
  3. We offer factory integration to General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford factory networks.
  4. We have over 20 years and more than 100 dealership implementations worth of experience.
  5. We're a personable, family-owned company who values every customer's business and strives to deliver the tools you need to succeed.
  6. Our system is constantly evolving. As market demands and customer requests dictate, we update your software in step with your needs.
  7. As compared to our largest competitors, we can save you anywhere from 60% to 800% off your current data processing costs.
  8. We don't hide anything in your billing.  Software updates are free.  There are no charges for forms nor "click-charges".
  9. Our contract does not lock you in.  The agreement term of 60 months is there to protect you from support charge increases.  It does not require you to pay support for 60 months. You may cancel the agreement at any time with 60 days notice.  Furthermore, we have never increased any customer's support charges during the initial 60 months.
  10. We make the installation easy.  We'll convert your current systems' data and train your personnel live at your location with all your data intact.

Now, to address the top 5 objections we typically encounter:

  • Objection: "I'm not entirely happy with my current system, but I hate to go through the hassle of a change."
  • Response: The "hassle" is truly very minor.  We convert your historical data.  We train your personnel thoroughly.  Three weeks after installation your entire staff will be comfortable with our system and probably enjoying some time-saving features that they weren't before.  Three months after installation you won't know anything has changed.  We've been doing this for 20 years, if every installation we performed were a hassle we would have found another line of work long ago.
  • Objection: "I like the security I have with ABC systems, they're a large well-established company."
  • Response: Though we may be the little guy, we have been at it for 20 years.  As for an analogy, we all know that several manufacturers have given great consideration to opening their own sales locations and dropping some "smaller" dealers.  Of course, the manufacturers are many times larger than even the largest dealer groups.  But does anyone believe that because they are larger they will be better at servicing or selling cars to the community that franchisees are so involved in?
  • Objection: "I don't want to sign a long-term agreement."
  • Response: The agreement does not lock you in to anything more than a 60 day notice.  We're not in the business of earning your trust and then locking you in for 7 years of price increases.
  • Objection: "I'm currently obligated under contract for xx more months."
  • Response:  Some contracts are easier to break and some are very difficult.  Either way, now is a good time to start exploring options for the day when your contract expires.
  • Objection: "I'm pleased with my current provider."
  • Response: If you are entirely happy with your current provider, we think that is great.  On the other hand, though I'm happy enough with my current cable television provider if the competition comes calling and offers to save me 70% every month, I am going to entertain the offer.
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About us Product Services Why us? Contact us    
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