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It would take dozens of pages to list every feature of every system we offer.  With that in mind, this page will attempt to give you a very high-level view of what we have to offer.  Please keep in mind that we can show you the live product over the Internet in a matter of minutes.

System Overview

First, some of the things that make us unique to many competitors:

  1. Our systems can be installed modularly or completely integrated.  If you only need accounting and parts, then you can have those two modules and have them interfaced together.  If you need a full DMS then we can install a complete, integrated package from front to back.
  2. Our product is truly Windows-based and very simple to learn and use.
  3. All forms are available in dot-matrix or laser and we do not charge any click charges for any of them.
  • Accounting
  • Our accounting package is a complete accounting system designed exclusively for new vehicle retailers.  It has all the features and functionality that you'd expect from such a system.  It includes: general ledger, schedules, journals, cashiering, A/R's, open-item A/R's, payroll, DOC's, checkwriting, and more.
  • Parts Inventory
  • Our parts inventory system has everything you need to stock, price, and sell parts.  That includes: invoicing, physical inventory, unlimited history, strong controls for ordering that range from high-level control to micro-management to factory control (RIM and ARO), master file pricing, special order tracking, a report generator, dozens of standards reports, and more.
  • Service Billing
  • While our service system has everything you need to operate an organized, profitable service department the most impressive thing about it is the simplicity and speed it offers the user.  The system includes: unlimited history, fast menu-based labor ops, routing sheets, warranty integration, job-level pricing, technician pay system, complete productivity analysis, and much more.
  • Finance & Insurance
  • We have 1 national partner and multiple regional partners for F&I systems.  Further, we are open to working with any F&I provider which leaves you the freedom of choosing from hundreds of providers.  Our national partner's system is fully integrated in real-time with our modules.  Also, we do provide first-level support for our F&I provider's product, you can reach someone any time for help with the system.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • We have a complete CRM system designed specifically to track every piece of business a customer or prospect does with your dealership.  You can use follow-up lists to make phone calls, print form letters, or deliver form e-mails.  You can also easily track and see what's behind for follow-up and who is falling behind on their follow through.
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Our systems are interfaced or integrated to a number of factories as well as numerous third party packages for everything from web page inventories to parts locators to CSI mailing companies and more.  Please keep in mind that we do not allow anyone "in" to your system ever.  All of our packages push the information to the third party which gives you complete control over what information you share.
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About us Product Services Why us? Contact us    
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It's the value...

Please keep in mind as you progress through this site that we are not pitching a cheap system.  

We're making a value proposition.  You keep the same core functions you enjoy now you simply write a smaller check!

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