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Rapid Systems began in 1986 after our founder, Jerry Davis,  had seen enough as a 15-year veteran of the two largest companies in this industry.  It was his belief that PC's could do the job that expensive mainframe systems had been doing for years.  We adhere to the PC-based client-server architecture to this day as the foundation of a functional and affordable platform.

The company has grown over the years almost exclusively by referrals and word of mouth.  Currently we're interested in growing and expanding a little bit and thus we're ramping up our marketing efforts.  Our goal is not to be the biggest, it has always been to please our customers.  We currently support more than 100 installations in 20 states, several of whom have been with us since the start.

If you are looking for an alternative dealer management system that is functional, affordable, current, and friendly then you owe it to yourself to spend a few more minutes on this site and learn a little more about us.  We hope when you're done that you'll pick up the phone or shoot us an e-mail to learn a little more.  You stand to spend a couple of hours of your time in exchange for years of top-notch service and up to six-figures back in your pocket.


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About us Product Services Why us? Contact us    
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It's the value...

Please keep in mind as you progress through this site that we are not pitching a cheap system.  

We're making a value proposition.  You keep the same core functions you enjoy now you simply write a smaller check!

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